Launching the program and working with scenes
Launching the program and working with scenes
Choice of scene

There are several ways to open a scene:

  • Open a scene through the start window. You can find the prepared test scenes in the Learn menu, in the Samples tab

  • Open the File menu and select the Open option

  • Simply drag the scene from the folder into the program space

You can open several different scenes at once. All open scenes are displayed as tabs above the viewport

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Saving and Autosaving

  • You can save the scene through the File menu 

The program can also automatically save open scenes at certain intervals.

  • You can open autosaves through the File menu or through the Start window. 

If necessary, you can assign a folder for autosaves, as well as set the time interval and the maximum number of autosaves for one scene.

  1. Open the Settings / Settings Window menu 
  2. Open the APP tab.
  3. In the line AutosaveDir you can set the address of the folder for autosaves, and also see how much space the files take at the moment.
  4. In the line AutosaveInterval you can specify time in minutes after which there will be autosaves.
  5. In the line AutosaveNumberOfSaves you can specify the maximum number of saves for one scene after which the old files will be overwritten. 

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Theme options

The program has several color themes: dark and light.
You can choose the theme in the Start window of the program.

  1. Open the Start window of the program by clicking on the house icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  2. Go to the settings tab
  3. Select a color theme for the program

In the same menu you can also select the folder in which the autosaves will be stored.

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