Working with scenes

Animation in Cascadeur is created within scenes.
A scene contains objects and animations.

Cascadeur includes several pre-made scenes with animations and characters.

  • Open the splash window by clicking the house icon.
  • Go to the Learn\Samples tab.
  • Click the scene called Dracorex walk Cycle to open it. In this scene, you can see a character with an animation.

You can also create a new scene. In such a scene, there won’t be any objects. If you’d prefer working with your own character, you’ll need to import your model into the scene and create rig controllers for this character.

  • Select File/New Scene 
You can work with several scenes at once, switching between them. All the scenes that are open at the moment are shown as tabs above the Viewport.

  • Click the tabs with scene titles to switch between them.
  • Click a tab with the right mouse button to open the menu for managing scenes.
  • Close tabs by using this menu, or by clicking the cross icon on the panels.

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Several animations with one character

If you would like to create several distinct animations involving the same character, the best way to do this is by using separate scenes.

For example, you can save the scene right after you finish making the rig for your character.
To create a new animation, open this scene and then save it as a separate file under a different name.
Use the Save as option from the file menu.
By doing this you won’t have to rig your character from scratch every time you make a new animation.

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Multiple characters in one scene

You can also combine several scenes into one.

  • Open a scene with a standard character 
  • Open File/Import/Scene 
  • Import a scene with another standard character. (You can find the sample scenes in the program folder. You can also right-click on the scene tab to find the folder where the scene is located!

  After merging the scenes, the names of the objects in the second scene will be added to the namespaces.

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