Basics of pose editing


To change the character’s pose, you can select controllers of different parts of the body, and apply manipulators to them.

Pressing Ctrl + Z will undo the last pose changes.

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Apply manipulators to groups of controllers

Try to apply manipulators to groups of controllers, instead of a single controller.

Double-clicking on the controller allows you to select all controllers down the hierarchy.

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Exercise 5.1: Rotating the head

Open the Standard_model.casc scene to complete the tasks:

  • ​Double-click on the point controller in the center of the character’s head to select all three head controllers.
  • Turn on the rotation manipulator (E) and rotate the character's head.

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Exercise 5.2: Lifting a leg

  • Switch to local manipulator mode
  • Double-click on the point controller of the hip and raise the character’s leg with the rotation manipulator.
  • Then double-click on the point controller of the knee and bend the leg.

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Exercise 5.3: Foot pivot

  • Highlight the foot’s point controllers and rotate the foot with the rotation manipulator.
  • Without removing the selection, click with the RMB on the point controller of the toe and rotate the leg around it.

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Exercise 5.4: Pelvis pivot

  • Select the four point controllers of the pelvis
  • Right-click on the back point
  • Rotate the pelvis

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Exercise 5.5: Waving a hand

  • Double-click on the bottom point controller of the shoulder and raise the character’s hand using the rotation manipulator.
  • Double-click on the point controller of the elbow and bend the arm.
  • Double-click on the point controller of the palm’s base and rotate the palm.
  • Double-click on the point controller of the clavicle and use the rotation manipulator to raise the hand with the shoulder.

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Exercise 5.6: Using translate

  • Double-click on the point controller at the base of the foot.
  • Select the translate tool (W) and move the foot up. In this case, the leg itself will bend at the knee.
  • In the same way, select and move point controllers in the palm of the character

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Exercise 5.7. Direction controllers

The knees and elbows of the character can only bend along certain axes. The knees and elbows also have special direction controllers.

  • Select the direction controller for the bent leg or arm.
  • Move the direction controller using the translate manipulator.

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The influence of body parts on each other

Since all parts of the character are connected using a special physical skeleton, they can influence each other. So, if you pull the character by the hand, the whole body will stretch after it. 

However, some controllers can be locked (R) in a specific position in space.


When stretching or compressing parts of the body, the edges between the points change color. Edges between unfixed points always strive to maintain their length so that the proportions of the body do not change.

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Exercise 5.8: Standing on toes

  • Select the three point controllers of the toe.
  • Press R to lock them in place. A red frame will appear around the controllers.
  • Select the point controller of the ankle and lift it up - the leg will stand on the toe. (selection should be removed from the toes!)
  • Select the toes and press R again to unfix.

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Exercise 5.9: How to use box controllers

For some parts of the character, there are no point controllers. Usually, these are small details of the character, such as fingers or clothing items. These parts of the character can be controlled using box controllers Box controllers work the same as point controllers.

  • Switch to box controller mode
  • Double-click on the box controllers of different parts of the character’s body and use the rotation tool (E) to raise and lower the arms, rotate the body or head.

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Tail Mode

To control elements that consist of a chain of controllers (for example, fingers or tail) it is convenient to use the Tail mode.

This mode works with the rotation manipulator. When it is turned on, a spiral icon is displayed near the manipulator axes.


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Exercise 5.10: Clenching fists

  • Double-click on the box controller of the first phalanx of the finger and select the rotation manipulator (E)
  • Switch to the local mode of the manipulator (~)
  • Press the Tail button. A spiral icon should appear near the manipulator axes.
  • Bend fingers into a fist.

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Using all that you learned, put the character in a complex pose. Try to make it interesting, but natural, don’t hurt the character :) Share your creation on the forum  and see what other people came up with!

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