What is Viewport

Viewport - the main working space of the animator. You can use it to view scene objects and control them. 

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Exercise 2.1. Inspect the model from different angles.
Sample scene: Standard_model

To control Viewport’s camera you need to hold Alt.

  •   Alt + LMB - rotate the camera
  •   Alt + RMB / scroll button - zoom the camera
  •   Alt + hold scroll button - move the camera

If you are on Linux and this combination is already used by your OS window manager, you will need to change them in the OS settings. For the time being these hotkeys are not customizable in Cascadeur.

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You can see the Viewcube in the top right corner. It shows from which side you are viewing the scene. Different colors mark different axes.


  • Red- X-axis (side view)
  • Green- Y-axis (top view)
  • Blue- Z-axis (front view)

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Exercise 2.2: Choosing an axis

  • Click on the cones around the Viewcube to view the scene from different sides.

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Exercise 2.3: Switching Perspectives and Isometrics
Sample scene: Two characters

  • Click in the center of Viewcube to switch the isometric mode.
  • Click on one of the cones and you will see a grid behind the model. 
  • To go back to the perspective mode click the Viewcube one more time.

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Exercise 2.4: Using multiple viewports

You can see an object from different sides simultaneously by using several viewports. You can also quickly switch between two different viewports. 

  • Press Space to see multiple viewports.
  • Change viewports’ size by dragging their edges.
  • Place the camera differently in both viewports.
  • Click in one of the viewports and press Space to make it the main one.

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