Scenes with Multiple Characters

This article shows how you can create a scene with multiple characters in Cascadeur.

1. Open a scene containing the first character (File → Open):

Then, you’ll need to add a second character.
2. Select File → Import → Scene:

3. Select a .casc file containing the second character.

The character will be imported into the scene along with the corresponding Track hierarchy:

By default, the name of the main track coincides with the name of the file you’ve used to import the character. You can rename it into something like Character 1, or you can leave it as it is.

You can add as many characters as you want, but keep in mind that scenes with multiple characters tend to work slower.
If you need a highly-populated scene, we suggest using the Scene Linking Tool.

Now all we need to do is to position our characters in the scene.

4. Select every Point Controller of the first character and use Manipulators to move the character to an appropriate position.

5. Repeat step 4 for the second character.


When you work with multiple characters, it might be a good idea to assign them different namespaces.

Namespaces are assigned when you import characters to the scene. The first imported character has the character1 namespace, the second is character2 and so on.
However, the character(s) already present in the scene (like the “first” character in our case) do not have namespaces by default.

If you want to change the namespace:

1. Hold Alt and double-click the Animation Track containing the character.
This will select every object that makes up the character.

2. Select Change namespace from the Objects menu:

3. Enter the new namespace for the selected character:

After this the namespace should change for every element of the character:

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second character.

And this is how you can create a scene with two (or more) characters in it.

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