Scenes with Multiple Characters

This article shows how you can create a scene with multiple characters in Cascadeur.

1. Open a new scene using the File menu.

2. Import an FBX with your first character.
The FBX file should not include any animation.
Also, the character should be in a neutral pose (like the one you used to rig the character).

3. Import the JSON file containing the rig for your first character.

4. Rename the only track in the scene to something like “Character1” by right-clicking on it’s name in the tracks tab.

5. Hold Alt and double-click the track to select every object on it. Add a namespace for the objects.

6. Click the Add track button to create a new track for the second character. Name the track appropriately.

7. Select this newly created track and import your second character using File → Import Fbx/Dae → Scene (it should be in the rigging pose too).

8. Import the JSON file for your second character (like you did in point 3).

9. Select all objects in the track with your second character and change the namespace for them.

10. Select every point of the first character and use Manipulators to position the character in the scene.
Then, select every point of the second character and move the character to an appropriate place in the scene.

And this is how you can create a scene with two characters in it.

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