Rigging Props

Character models can include props - separate object that the character holds in their hands, such as tools or weapons. This page describes how such props should be rigged.

1. After proto objects for the rest of the character are set up, select the prop joint and click the Add rig element button to create a proto object for it.
If your prop object has multiple joints, you can select only the first and the last one in the chain and create only one rigid body for the whole prop.

2. Change the width of your newly created proto object and set a mass for it.
Adjust the size of the box controller and create an additional point if needed.

3. In the Outliner window:

  • Open the Proto union behavior tab
  • Disable Bind with parent

4. If your prop joint is not a part of the character’s joint chain, you should manually move its proto object to an appropriate position in the rig hierarchy.
Use the Left Mouse Button to drag it in the Outliner window.

5. Select your prop’s proto object and click Add prototype center of mass to create a center of mass for it. Don’t forget to name it properly.

6. Select all of the character’s proto objects except your prop’s proto object and create a center of mass for the character.

7. Select both of the newly created centers of  mass and hit the add center of mass button to create a common center of mass.

8. Now, the rig can be finalized.


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