Point Controller Edges


Point Controller Edge elements of a character rig (shown with the silhouette of the character)

Point Controller Edges connect Point Controllers, organizing them into a hierarchical structure. These elements are rendered in the Point Controller and Physics modes.

By default, they cannot be selected by the user. This can be adjusted using the Selectable menu.

Edge Properties

A Point Controller Edge has a number of properties specific to it. These properties can be viewed and adjusted in the Property Editor, under the View Edge tab.

1. Used for hierarchy selection

If this option is enabled, an edge is used for selecting Point Controllers

2. Length

This is the default length of an edge. It does not change when controllers are moved.

3. First and Second

Links to two Point Controllers that are connected by this edge, also used for hierarchical selection.

These parameters can also be used to quickly find corresponding controllers on the Outliner window (to do this, click the looking glass icon near the name of a controller).

4. Current Length

This is the current length of an edge. It can change when controllers are moved. Along with the Length property it is used to determine if an edge is distorted (see Length Distortion below).

Length Distortion

Point Controller Edges also act as indicators of length distortion. By default, the length of an edge is constant. When it changes (this might happen during adjusting character poses, for example), edges change their color to reflect this.

For more information, see the Stretching and Squeezing section in the Point Controllers chapter.

In addition, edges are used for rendering object trajectories in certain modes (to learn more about this subject, see the Trajectories chapter).


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