Joint Limit and How to Deal With It

The current version of Cascadeur can handle only 128 joints skinned to a single mesh object. This limitation will be removed in the future versions. For now, however, there are two methods to bypass it:

Method #1. Remove Unneeded Joints

Oftentimes, all of the joints over this limit are face joints.

If you don’t plan to animate facial expressions in Cascadeur, you can delete these joints.

But don’t forget to move weights from the joints you’ve deleted to the head joint. After that you can easily import this character in Cascadeur.

Afterwards you can just import the animation you’ve created in Cascadeur to the original scene (with the face joints intact), and it will work as intended.

Method #2: Split the Mesh

Another method is to separate your mesh into several parts. To do this:

1. Open the scene with your character in your 3d software.

2. Copy your character’s mesh and cut it the copy into several parts (such as head, body, hands etc.)

3. ove skin weight from the original mesh to the cuted one .That can be easily made in most 3d softwares.

4. Now you can export your skeleton with the newly created mesh objects to cascadeur.

See also How to Split the Mesh for step-by-step instructions on splitting meshes in various 3d software.

These are temporary solutions, we will remove this limit in future versions.

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