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For now, Cascadeur can only handle 128 joints skinned to a single mesh object. To bypass this limitation, you can simply split your character’s mesh to several parts. If each of these parts has less than 128 joints skinned to it, the model can be imported to Cascadeur, rigged and animated with no issues.

This page describes how the mesh can be split in various 3D software.


1. Open your character’s scene, select the mesh and duplicate it (Ctrl + D)

2. Hide everything except the duplicated mesh

3. Select all of the faces you want to detach.

4. Hit the Detach button (Edit Mesh → Detach)

5. Now, select the entire copied mesh and hit the Separate button (Mesh → Separate)

6. Note that Separate splits every part of the mesh that doesn't have shared edges. To recombine the mesh, select the parts you need and use Mesh → Combine.

7. Delete the history of your newly created meshes by pressing Alt+Shift+D.

8. Select the skeleton, then add your newly created mesh objects to the selection (Shift + click) and bind them using Skin → Bind Skin.

The Max influences count should be the same as you have used when binding the original mesh.

9. Copy the skin weights from the original mesh to the separated parts using Skin → Copy Skin Weights

Now you can export this separated mesh with the skeleton to Cascadeur.


1. Open the scene with your character, select it’s mesh and go to Edit Mode.

2. Select needed faces (X-Ray mode will be helpful) and use Mesh → Separate → Selection to make these faces into an independent mesh object.

Now you need to remove unused vertex groups from both meshes:

3. Select a mesh

4. Go to Object Data Properties

5. In the Vertex Groups, select a vertex group that isn’t used in this mesh and click minus to remove it

Do the same for every unused vertex group associated with the mesh

6. Repeat the process for the other mesh
Keep in mind that some vertex groups might be used by both meshes. These groups should not be removed from either of them.

After this, the character will be ready to be exported to Cascadeur.


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