Fulcrum Points (OUTDATED)

This feature is considered outdated and does not work properly in the recent (starting with 2019.5b) versions.
In the newer versions (starting with 2021.1EA) we suggest using AutoPhysics instead.

A fulcrum point in the Viewport window

Fulcrum points are used to specify where a character comes into contact with a surface.

On the Timeline, fulcrum points are represented as blue lines

Working with fulcrum points is done by using the dedicated set of instruments:

(1) Add fulcrum point

This button adds a fulcrum point to the selected interval on the Timeline.

Before adding a fulcrum point, its location has to be specified. This is done by:

  1. Selecting character's center of mass
  2. Right-clicking a Point Controller that would act as a fulcrum point

After these preparations are complete, you can use the button to add a fulcrum point to the scene.

(2) Fulcrum Ghosts

This button renders the fulcrum ghosts.

(3) Snap to fulcrum ghosts

This button snaps the selected character to fulcrum ghosts.


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