Sample Scenes

Cascadeur installation package includes several example files that you can use as templates or as means to learn about software's features. These examples are located in the .../cascadeur/scenes folder. Character models in these files are fully rigged and ready for animation.

  • backflip_animation.casc - a complex animation of a character (same model as in the standard_model files) performing a backflip. Makes use of Cascadeur's physical tools such as Ballistic Trajectory
  • cube.casc - a simple scene including one cube
  • Sabertooth.casc - a model of a sabertooth cat
  • simple_model - a scene containing one simple character model
  • standard_model - a scene with a more complex character model
  • standard_model+box.casc - a scene with a standard character model and a box
  • standard_model+giantSword+box.casc - a scene with a standard character with a giant sword attached, and a box
  • standard_model+sabres+box.casc - a  scene with a standard character with two sabred attached, and a box
  • UE4_SK_Mannequin.casc - a scene with a standard Unreal Engine 4 character


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