Selecting Objects

Selecting objects is the second most important operation in Cascadeur. Any operation can only be performed with a selected object, so to do anything with an object you first have to select it.

In this chapter, we'll take a look on how selecting objects is done.

  • All types of selection are performed using Left Mouse Button
  • Click an object to select it
  • By double-clicking an object you can select it and all its child objects.

You can also select multiple objects to edit them all at once:

  • Hold Shift and click an object to add it to the selection
  • If an object it is already selected, clikcing it while holding Shift will remove it from the selection
  • Select multiple objects at once using selection border (hold Left Mouse Button and move mouse pointer)


Canceling Selection

Once you are done with editing selected objects, you can remove selection from them. This can be done in the following ways:

  • As mentioned above, you can remove objects from selection by left-clicking them while holding Shift
  • To cancel the entire selection, simply click something that is not a selectable object, like an empty space in the scene


Selection Groups

Selected object can be organized into selection groups, each with its own hot key. To add object to a selection group, select them and then press Ctrl and one of the numerical buttons (1, 2 etc., including 0).

Once objects are added to a group, they can be accessed at any time simply by pressing the corresponding numerical button.

Note: accessing a selection group will not cancel current selection. Instead, object in the group will be added to the current selection.


Editing Objects

Selected object can be moved, rotated or scaled. These operations are performed using dedicated manipulators. Buttons for these manipulators are located on the toolbar at the top of the main window

Working with manipulators is described in the dedicated chapter


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